Sydney street art

There is a wall covered in street art and graffiti at 184 Broadway in Sydney. It's right next to the Telstra "International Telecommunications Centre". Read about that here. The wall is directly beneath a CCTV camera.

This Fukt stencil of Michelangelo's 'David' is a little worn/covered in poo. Maybe it's better this way? I struggled with this idea at first, you know, resenting vandalism of street art, but then I realised "we're all bro's here". Every last 1 of us.

This satirical/dead serious stencil of Newt Gingrich by Blue Chip is scary. Getting a dictator vibe from this one. Reminds me of the Hitler depicted in a new Australian retro-comedy Danger 5. Here's a trailer:

Like it? Me neither :(

Hitler again. Scared. Hang on ////////////// ////////////// //////////// //////////// /////////////// OK...just spent ~45mins curled in the foetal position in a bathtub. I don't know whose tub it was. Just woke up there :'(

Caged rainbow tiger. Not sure who did this stencil, but looks like Blue Chip. Get in touch if you know bb.


Sydney laneway art (Fukt)

Audrey Hepburn stencil (Blue Chip)