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Pounding Pavement

I went out following up leads on new walls again today and was blessed with permission to paint two new walls in a different part of downtown london. One was a food place and the other a pornography store. I'm really excited about this opportunity to once again spread the good word and a mesage of hope to the streets of London. The walls also happen to be right outside the entrance to the couterpoint needle exchange. I love the opportunities I get.

The End-bassy

Well I found out that the Embassy Hotel will be closing it's doors. The Embassy is a bar that rents rooms by the week, it hosts minor bands who come by on tour and it they let the local graffiti artists come by and draw on whatever surface that they could. I've painted alot of stuff there over the years and they will be demoloshing it April 14th 2009. Because they are shutting thier doors I was granted a unique opportunity to paint the front which faces Dundas street a major road of the city. This is a highly visable piece that alot of people will see everyday, well... untill April 14th.

He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Rev 21:5