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Art show at Grooves

Hello I've got some canvases on display and for sale at grooves record store this month I set them up today. People routinely ask me for my art work and I always explain my artwork is all over the city and it's free. But they usually aren't happy with that answer. Well now is your oportunity to pay for a second rate scaled down version of my work and satisfy your desire to own, posess and hoard things for yourself or give it as a gift.

Margaret Kilgallen, Graffiti, Art 21, Folk Art

This excerpt from the PBS Art 21 Series Episode "Places" had a highlight on Margaret Kilgallen and the influence of graffiti and other hand painted folk art on her installation work.  It had an interesting part on trains and the use of them as a painters medium.  Graffiti is one the worlds great folk arts.

Back Side Mural Hotness in KC

and now for the back side of the building in the below post.

Super Dope KC Mural

Found near the West Bottoms.  This was a on the front side of the building, and the next post above is on the back side.  While it isn't illegally done, it is tha hottness.

Asheville NC Tags

I am from Asheville NC, and I have to go back there on the regular for holidays, deaths, weddings, and general family time.  When I go back now, I start to smell paint.  These were under a bridge right near my parents house on the South End of town near the Skyland Fire Department.