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אי-אי-אי, originally uploaded by Foma<3.

One of the many pastes from Foma's recent sexual harassment project you can see more of by clicking on a photo...

casual sexual harassment

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Avenida Cesar E Chavez- Kansas City

I found these on Avenida Cesar E Chavez, and they
are a fading legal mural group.  Unlike most of the legal murals in the towns I have sniffed paint in, these have a very little of the stereotypical "graffiti" style and instead have a traditional feel to them.  Below are the credits from this project.

Cesar Chavez Mural- Kansas City

J. Manco- Westside Kansas City

 I found these two faces and both had the signuture of J. Manco.  I really like these two girls faces and dude/chick's style.

Westside Pride- Kansas City

Holy! Westside Pride- Kansas City