Goodbye Winter Blues, oranges, greys, greens, purple......

As I wave goodbye to Winter, pack away the heater and place my knitted beanie back on the top shelf I sigh with relief.  As the seasons change so has the studio - its empty - well sort of.

I am finally done and dusted, all the painting has been completed for the exhibition, some are lined up waiting patiently to be photographed while others are resting at the picture framers.  So today I find myself walking around feeling a little lost??  The urgency of the last few busy weeks has dissipated replaced by an excitement for the future.  What next?  Should I go travel somewhere different?  How or should I change the way I work?

So as the weather warms up and the garden comes alive I guess I will find myself back on the creative cycle once again for now I am looking forward to messing around with some drawing and printing,  playing some music and chilling out.

Things for me to remember.......

Large paintings are difficult to reach when you are short.
Large paintings are difficult to place in back of car by yourself.
Large paintings take alot of paint and alot of framing.
Large paintings are heavy once framed.
Large paintings are worth the trouble.

No title for this painting yet - using this image for invites.