A Short List of Strange or Confusing Things I Saw in Bangkok

After having spent so much time in Nepal and feeling like I finally developed enough of a grasp on language and culture to be able to basically understand what was going on around me, my day in Bangkok left me feeling totally adrift and confused:

Wait, what?

This is just a shop with some monks sitting out front, right?

Oh god! He's not reeaaal! It's some sort of terrifying lawn furniture!

This man appears to have a gremlin on his belt

And I hope this is his pet

"So! Hot"

Not so strange, I just like the facial expression

Ditto with this rakish devil, although the top hat confuses me a little bit

Your average, boring industrial canal scene

Wait, what the heck is that? Its like five feet long and moving quickly and I still have no idea what that is oh god its swimming toward the boat