Artist: Tristan des Limbes

(Rue Garreau, Montmartre, Paris)

I saw these Tristan des Limbes paste-ups while I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago.

Their simple yet polished look fit well on the aching apartments lining Montmartre's cobbled paths.

At the top of Montmartre is la butte - the hilltop - where I found the Sacre Coeur. It's a beautiful white church with broad views of Paris.

(Place Emile Goudeau, Montmartre, Paris)

I didn't expect to see street art along the walk. Now Acid Midget is a street art blog made in Paris.

And I've half guessed that Tristan des Limbes might translate as "Tristan in Limbo".

Shyeah, you wouldn't think it from looking at these posters. Maybe Tristan watches Salad Fingers too much: