My Art is on Exhibit in California

Show opening today! :)

I'm so honored and excited to have one of my pieces included in the The Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE) Art Exhibit during women's history month.

BHLIFE is a celebration of Latinas, their voices and their visions.  This exhibit is titled "The Sacred Feminine" and focuses on female empowerment. New Casa Theatre is in Los Angeles, California  and the show runs for the entire month of March.

My contribution which is also up for sale is a signed framed photograph titled: Fire Dancer Dominating the Flame.

The subject of the photo is the flame.  The dancer masterfully controls the flame creating this beautiful vision.

This wasn't a rehearsed photo shoot. I was in the audience and as you know from my previous works I love creating light graffiti photographs.

 March is Women's History Month

Each of the artists in the exhibit was asked to make a statement regarding empowerment. Here is mine.

Empowerment only takes an ounce of courage to getpast the fear which is never as bad as we create in our minds.

I have to remind myself of this everyday.  Sometimes I can become paralyzed with fear but if I think of previous experiences where I may have felt apprehension only to have something positive come out of the experience really helps me. If this tidbit can help someone else I am super happy to share it.

How are you celebrating Women's History Month?

I will be celebrating by having all posts in March relating to women in history.  I think it's a fun challenge to find information that  is not included in school textbooks or mainstream media.