HARRISTICK Ends Tax Red Tape Misery

Small businesses owners across Northamptonshire are finding more time to run and grow their business thanks to a new USB-based solution.

Harris & Co’s innovative new service enables micro and small businesses to ditch red tape, save time and slash their bookkeeping costs.

No longer do businesses have to slave over long and tedious tax forms - they simply sign up at www.harrisandco.biz and get Harris & Co to do the hard work:

  • Harris & Co sends each businesses a Harristick USB memory stick containing some simple pre-prepared electronic record sheets
  • Businesses simply list their sales and purchases - it can take as little as just 15 minutes a month - then email them back to Harris & Co
  • Harris & Co calculates each businesses' VAT, wages, business tax and personal tax.

Harris & Co launched the 'Harristick ' solution after realising that small firms across a wide range of sectors needed much cheaper and simpler accountancy services than the market currently offers.

Harristick’s service starts from £85 + VAT per month - half the cost the market currently charges many start-ups and small firms.

It covers not just VAT returns but also wages, annual accounts and "everything else the average small business needs".

Each Harristick contains four electronic record sheets: sales invoices, purchase invoices, cash receipts and cash payments.

They also come with lots of other useful calculators and information relating to items such expenses/mileage claims, payroll and personal tax.

Principal Phil Harris said: "The feedback has been very positive. Our clients like the simplicity of it - and they certainly like the fact that it is a fixed monthly fee.

"We started our business in my spare bedroom and are still a small business ourselves so we know the challenges that start-ups and small businesses face. Even so, we did extensive research with our clients to ensure that our new service meets their needs.

"This has been developed with small businesses for small businesses."

Principal Phil Harris said: "It's simple - we worry so you don't have to.

"We take care of all your dealings with HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House - including VAT returns, tax returns, annual returns and wages paperwork.

"That frees up your time and allows you to concentrate on running your business."

Harris & Co  provides businesses across Northamptonshire with professional, high quality accountancy services in a friendly, approachable way.

For more information, contact Phil Harris at Harris & Co, 01604 660661