Actualize: To realize in action or make real

"Life is not in having and getting, but in being and becoming."

Everglades Sunset 12.26.2011

"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible."
Albert Einstein

Everglades Sunset 12.26.2011

“Self-actualized people are independent of the good opinion of others.”
Wayne Dyer

Everglades Sunset 12.26.2011

To actualize our dreams requires action. I hope you took action today because this day will not repeat itself.  The sunset in these photos are gone.  The earth rotated moving the sun, moon and stars from that particular alignment.

thoughts . . .  memories . . . gems in a treasure box

Synonyms: activate, actualize , break ground, break the ice, bring about, bring to pass, cause, commence, create, do, drive, effect, embark on, enter on, enter upon, establish, eventuate, found, generate, get going, give birth to, give impulse, go ahead, go into, impel, inaugurate, induce, initiate, instigate, institute, introduce, launch, lay foundation for, lead, make, make active, motivate, mount, occasion, open, originate, plunge into, prepare, produce, set about, set in motion, set up, trigger, undertake
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