Street sign sticker art

(Denison St, Newtown)

Where have you been? I've been walking the streets. I feel at home walking around because I'm a bit of a social outcast.

I walked to Newtown yesterday to buy drugs and I saw this sticker on a street sign. I paused before crossing the road. I was on the lookout for fragile mothers with innocent children.

But before I had even looked around for cars, or children, or mums/moms/milfs, I saw a turquoise sticker stuck to the sign.

I had a double-take to make sure what I saw was real. Yes. The end of a penis was shooting R18+ contents into the mum's open, gagging mouth. Gagh-gagh-gagh.

I giggled after the initial shock. Then I began to worry about the kid. Should it be exposed to the 'real' world yet? Does he/she know how it was conceived?

Is crossing the road safe any more?