Six weeks to go and counting

Early in the morning is my favourite time, when the rest of the house is sleeping and I hear the birds starting to stir and the waves pounding away on the beach,  I like to make my way downstairs and continue on from what I was doing the day before.

5am this morning I entered the studio and thought to myself hmmmmmmmm I need a larger table.  Yes, its finally happened I have now moved onto the floor.  I have either got too much going on at once (impossible) or just been to busy to notice that I need to have a tidy up. 

I think the paper piled on the turps soaked rug next to the heater is a nice "workplace safety" touch.

I have just done the math and realised I have six weeks to go till the launch of exhibition - eeeekkkkkk.  I need to clone myself and fast!