El Nino de la pinturas de Granada Television

I currently live in the midwest, and it is cold right now. So cold, paint won't even stick to the walls. If paint wont stick on the walls, then I ain't going to go out and look for it (the high temp last friday was like 5 degrees). So, here is a little television to make you more informed on El Nino of Granada Spain. Granada was one of the best Spanish towns for paint and graffiti. Below are some youtube videos and links to this wonderful town's artwork, and some back ground on El Nino (I have personally seen his work, or at least his apprentices work, and it is amazing).

Also note, if you are ever is Southern Spain, make sure you go here. If you don't go anywhere else in the south of Spain, go here (yeah, you can by-pass Sevilla, Grananda has a beauty unseen). The cross culture mixing of Western and Moorish society is evident in the food, the people, and even the paint of this town.

This guy, Henry Barfoot-Saunt, wrote a dissertation and made a film/slide show/reading of it.