The Mess

I've been volunteering at The Mess for the last couple of months. It's run through Youth for Christ and teaches art to homeless and at risk youth downtown. They meet every Wednesday at First Christian Reformed Church on Talbot street. An open meal is served at 5:30pm and the art kicks off at 6:30. And the other day I made #6 on thier newsletter.

"6. the Wall was officially unveiled last night. After 3 weeks of training by local graffiti artist Richard (tag name “Battle”) Phillips, we opened up a “free wall.” This is a place where we can learn, practice, and express ourselves (legally) through spray paint. Over 20 people added their painting voice to create the art you see on the left. We will be doing this weekly at the Mess."

They really like me at Youth For Christ and the director asked a staff member to put out a feeler to see if I'd be interested in working for them. I like my current job but I'm still gonna try and be a part of whats going on at YFC (just not in a 40 hour work week way). On a side note the director knows Joel Stigale who I worked with in New York a few weeks ago.