Ig hurst ta chew

A while ago I met this writer... for the sake of annonimity call him "Dave" (dave is not his real name). I saw him again a month ago and he was real ticked off at me, it turns out I had gone over one of his tags on a wall and he was upset. I appologized but he wouldn't accept it and said he was goin to start destroying my work and the work of the people who were writing with me that day. I appologized again and told him he could go over me but to leave the other guys alone. He didn't really want to talk to me and left. He came back a little while later with a jug of silver paint and splashed it over some of my work while we were painting and said "there's plenty more where that came from".
We finished up, took pictures left and in a few days my piece was splashed with silver paint but thankfully thiers were left alone. So a week later I go back and paint over one of the destroyed pieces and write "love your enemies" next to it. A few days after that I go back to the same spot and start painting annother piece because the guy I was with wanted to paint there. Well we start laying out our paintings and who should come by but "Dave". Dave does not want to talk Dave wants to fight. I explained that I meant no disrespect but he grabbed me by the throught anyways. I was thinking of fighting back at that point but suddenly something popped into my head and said "do not resist an evil man". Dave threw me on the ground and kicked me. I told him I wasn't going to fight him and he stomped on my head and pushed me into a bird crap puddle (that part was gross). I got up and tried to talk it out with him but everything I said made him more upset. He came after me again I started walking away and he punched me from behind in the side of the head. I told him I still love and respect him. He told me to get out of the alley and not come back. I was still trying to talk it out with him when the guy I was painting with (who was pretty silent up untill that point) said "lets just go" we packed up our stuff and left. I've never felt so good after getting hit. I felt a strange peace while I was getting hit and I felt good about what went on that day. The only down side is that it hurts to chew.