Blazefest 2009

I'm not going to break it down day by day but immediately following the trip to Saskatchewan my lovely wife Tara and I drove to Schenectady NewYork where I taught graffiti lessons all week as part of an outreach with youth for christ called blazefest. This is the 3rd or 4th year that I've been out and it was a great week of ministry and painting. Back from previous years were Rayski, Bam Bam, Ms. Natalie and the YFC crew along with some new instructors Verbs, DJ promote, Craig Nice the incredible MC, B-Girl Stella, B-boy kiddoh, Minus1 fdc, and Joel Stigale. It was a lot of fun Minus helped me teach graffiti and it was great to meet up with DJ promote who is also a graffiti writer and was one of the guys I looked up to when I started writing graffiti. durring the days I taught high school and middle school kids the art of graffiti and respect for property and at night we went around to different neighbourhoods in Schenectady and had kind of like a concert and preaching time it was really cool. Joel thought I was gonna get myself shot when I painted over some gang graffiti, Tara danced up a storm, kids got saved, and they gave me free paint at the end. What else can you ask for? Oh yeah, no bad press... Check!