Saskatchewan Trip: Day 3

We started off in the morning by loosing the keys to the school whichis a big deal because when that happends the entire school has to get re-keyed and all the locks changed. We all searched the house for an hour but in the end my wife saved the day and found the keys. We started painting the school today and we had two more changes scince the 3 from yesterday. Its a public school so we are not allowed to paint anything christian. Ironic because we're painting a room based on diversity and its ironic because there is alot of native american spirituality and they wanted quotes from religious people like gaundi but nothing christian, wheres the dirersity? I think christianity isn't trendy enough or maybe you can be influenced by any religion but can't acctually follow any religion. Anyways five of us painted 3 different rooms, one at a time. To me it felt kind of constricted doing somebody elses design with people staring over my sholder making sure I didn't mess up thier idea or do something too original that a school principal, teacher or parent wouldn't like. It took a long time and at the end I was tired but the five of us had to paint 20 personalized canvases. I'm not a big fan of canvases and again it felt like work. Tomorrow is supposed to be better were painting a place called the Oasis which sounds like a really cool place more up our alley with more individual and religious fredom. And I refuse do anymore canvases this trip or paint anything just to earn money for a job!