Saskatchewan Trip: Day 2

Too much confusion today we were supposed to paint a school today butthe principal kept changing her mind about what was going to happen,it was very frustrating to be told what we can and can't paint, andthen having that change at the last minute, and then have that allchange again. Cam and Cowboy took over and designed outlines for threewalls (which was originally supposed to be one). I got frustrated withCam cuz he was only asking for cowboys input and I really felt leftout of the loop, Cowboy is probably the best writer of us all which isunderstandable why he's taking a lead role but it didnt feel like acrew it felt worse than a job and I felt like I was second string onthis project. I could tell my wife wasn't having a great timeeighther. There was also some questions and concerns about money andus splitting up to do seperate jobs and things at that point were justhectic. So we all stopped and prayed we all calmed down refocusedstopped thinking about jobs and the product and we started to get aglimpse of why were all coming together in the first place. I thinkmost of realized that we had eighther a bad attitude or messed uppriorities. I can testify that I had both especially the bad attitude.The lady who we are staying with right now is super sweet and hasarranged all these sponcers for us. Our meals have been sponcered byQuiznos, Tony Romas, Sparkys Pizza, Great Canadian Bagel it's crazythe amount of high quality food we have been recieving for free. Andour paint has been sponcered by Rona, two different canadian tires andCloverdale paint. I must mention that Cloverdale gave us approximently$5000 in spraypaint, 750 cans on two skids, I've never herd ofanything like this happening before, it was a total blessing.