On the real

Just so you know what I've been up to over the last couple months besides just turning out alot of artwork and enjoying the great weather. I've been making a concious effort to develop some more funky letterstyle thats more leggible, shows movement, has natural flow and kind of swing to it. I've been inspired by some of the members of Gospel Graffiti to push my horizons and develop under the watchful gaze of thier world class critique and encouragement.

On the flip side I've also been painting with alot of different people and haven't been doing the solo thing too much. I've been writing alot with Onetruth and Vice-ral as well as Bif, Static, Brony, and others. Doing feild trips to Burlington and Grimsby and getting things started in a different more communal direction.

I'm still also getting footage for the upcoming DVD (so don't think I forgot about it) Right now I've got 9-10 hours of raw footage and I'd like to get more. It may seem like alot but I wanna reduce it down alot and time lapse alot of stuff. I'm not going to use alot of the random footage I have because I really want a quality finished product. All that being said I haven't even started editing. Still don't expect it anytime soon obviously.