Hanging out

Well I should tell you that last year when I got through with teaching in new york I prayed for someone who I could teach, who I could... (I'm going to use an awkward word)... disciple. I recognized I love to teach and that God wants me to teach others. At blazefest one of the principles they indorse is multiplication, I agree. My old painting buddy Viceral said along time ago that he was inspired by how much I had accomplished with my art you know touring around and joining GG crew etc. He said I could take it farther through teaching others and creating a movement. I doubt there is a movement but it certainly is a nice dream.

Anyways, I've been hanging out with "One Truth" and we've painted a few pieces together. This week we've hung out 3 times. I really enjoy the time I've been spending with him, talking with him and listening to him. Lots of fun, tears, funny voice overs, screams and empty paint cans. All this to say I'm really greatful for my friend and someone who can encourage me and vice versa. Like today, I locked my keys in the trunk of my car while we were painting, the owner of the store I was painting screamed at me "you ******! you are a ****** ******, you are a ******* ******!" because of where my car was parked. And because my buddy was around it made it seem like less to deal with, in fact I think it was a great day all in all.