Anti-Advertising 2

A few weeks ago before the coke thing, I went looking for a Halloween costume for my wife at the local magic trick and costume store. As I was walking in I noticed that the outside sign had faded over the years from the weather, I looked around and since I had the supplies in my car and it would only take a matter of minutes to repair I offered to fix their sign in exchange for a costume. I've done things like this before where for free or for in exchange for food I've fixed a sign that looks rundown and ugly. I don't believe advertising or decoration is necessarily wrong I do however make a distinction between a barter exchange for the sign of Mom and Pop independently owned costume store that i actually go to and buy magic tricks from and a big fat paycheck for just another out of place billboard advertisement for a corporation that I don't like that advertises so much it has become an eyesore. Just so everyone is clear. I also make no judgments on people in advertising unless they use their talents to advertise something evil (like consumerism, greed, lust, dissatisfaction, unthankfulness, alcohol, degradation of women or anything else that makes up 90% of advertising).
This message brought to you by overwhelming reader response (2) and Tinkerbell.